Jay z Responds to Lil Wayne “Beef is a sport” in Rap

3 10 2011


Jay-Z isn’t letting any rap “beef” bother him, because it’s all a part of the sport in rap music. 
MTV news caught up with Jay-Z during his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation carnival in NYC this past Thursday. 
When asked about his “beef” with Young Money leader Lil Wayne, he said “That’s sport, that’s rap music. Nothing is going to change, the only thing that changes is the participants.” 

The lyrics that started all the beef was from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne banger “H.A.M.” 
Jay-Z rapped, “I’m like really half a billi/n*gga really you got baby money/keep it real with n*ggas/ n*gga you ain’t got my lady money.

Lil Wayne fired back on his Tha Carter IV track “It’s Good” with, “Talkin’ bout baby money/I got your baby money/kidnap your b*tch, get that “how-much-you-love-your-lady” money.”  
During the time of the MTV VMAs, Jay-Z hopped on J.Cole’s track “Mr. Nice Watch” and fired off a warning shot to Lil Wayne, just to let him know he doesn’t really want war.  
We’re glad Jay-Z doesn’t take rap beef too seriously, but we can probably expect him to make a few more disses for Weezy in the future. 



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