19 01 2012

Mansion, Miami’s landmark electronic music venue, unveils “Mansion 360” – the most state-of-the-art upgraded sound and lighting systems, making it the premiere locale for high fidelity sound and arena-show quality lighting in the country. This world-renown venue has reconfigured and upgraded all systems to celebrate DJs as superstars, utilizing technology culled from top concert stage shows around the world.

Mansion’s grand interior has been completely reconfigured and updated with iconic fashion-inspired themes, including black leather and white silk tufted walls, high gloss lacquer woodwork, animal print sofas, and eye popping Fuchsia shaded chandeliers, all designed to visually compliment Mansion’s new lighting schematic. A layout never before utilized puts the DJ booth, dance floor, table seating, and VIP in new locations throughout the venue.

The DJ booth now takes center stage as part of Mansion’s new 360 theme, allowing revelers to experience the show from any vantage point in the room. A VIP section backs up the DJ booth, complete with private bar and ample table seating within arms reach of the world’s top DJs. Mansion’s performance stage can be transformed into an elevated VIP section or configured for full stage shows and Cirque du Soleil style productions.

A multi-million dollar lighting upgrade, inspired by the world’s great arenas, focuses dual illuminated tubing and the ability to do three dimensional effect lighting, making Mansion the first nightclub in the USA to provide 360 degrees of multi-dimensional imagery. Quite simply, there is no other venue in the country that provides lighting of this caliber, where every single surface of the venue features LED capability. Other features include a sky cam that can shoot celebrities, DJs and revelers from overhead and project them on any screen in the venue as seen on stadium jumbotrons.

Using 675 meters of dual illuminated custom acrylic diffused tubes, Mansion’s custom ceiling has the ability to do three dimensional lighting effects along the art deco peninsula made up of 21,600 RGB pixels. Along the ceiling’s center cove are 3600 1.5 watt RGB crystal diffused pendants, which together span 48’ X 60’ in dimension. To control these two items alone, is a Madrix Ultimate system, which drives 144 universes of DMX sectored by 19 Data Gates.

Accentuating 360 degrees of Mansion’s 40,000 square foot interior walls are 180 1.5 watt RGB crystal diffused pendants that accentuate wall finishes, and 400 meters of cove lighting placed between each panel yet each pixel is independently controllable. Show lighting alone features twenty Elation platinum 5R Beams, 4 Elation Design Beams 300 and 4 Coemar stage Light Blinders. Mansion’s stage features two grand high resolution 7mm pitch LED viewing screens measuring 9′ X 10′ and contain 122,800 pixels per screen, as well as 50 20 mm pitch Elation 1024 flat and curved LED panels, and 6 Elation P06 flat panels 6 mm pitch LED creating 73,728 pixels. In short, every square inch of Mansion’s surfaces can be custom lit and controlled to play off the shows taking place.

Mansion also now features a premiere Funktion One sound system that has been recently upgraded and reconfigured. F1′s new F221 dual 21” subwoofers have been added under the stage on vibration platforms and F218 dual 18” subwoofers have been flown in clusters with the F1 Res4 mid/high speakers to further extend their range. Powersoft amplifiers have also been added to bring the system well over 100,000 Watts and provides for superior danceability and ultimate fidelity for Mansion’s array of celebrated international DJs.

Funktion One/Sound Investment’s Todd Konecny states, “Mansion’s newly configured sound system is an ideal balance between accuracy in reproduction and high energy output. Flying the bass speakers makes the system full range in the air while the subwoofers beneath the stage are in close proximity to the money seats and main dance floor provide the best sound in the world.”

The world’s DJs are celebrating Mansion’s new look and feel, commencing with the announcement of Deadmau5’s two-day Unhooked show at Mansion on January 20th and 21st, 2012.


Named Miami’s hottest club by People Magazine, Mansion is heralded by A-list celebrities, performers and DJs frequenting this luxurious, 40,000 square foot mega club. Celebrated for its decadent design and state of the art Funktion 1 sound system, Mansion has played host to some of the country’s most iconic events such as David Guetta’s “F**K ME IM FAMOUS,” DJ sets by Kaskade, Deamau5, Bob Sinclar, Swedish House Mafia, Roger Sanchez, and many more, as well as celebrity events such as Kim Kardashian’s New Year’s Eve Bash, and P. Diddy’s annual Birthday Party. Mansion is owned by the nightlife powerhouse, The Opium Group, which also owns sister venues SET, Louis Bar Lounge, Opium at The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Cameo and Mokai.



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