23 02 2012

We sincerely hope this is a joke, because if not, this can’t be life. A person from Queens put an open trade call on Craigslist for a size 10.5 of the new Nike “Galaxy” Foamposites. In return, the poster of the ad is welling to trade their ’96 Chevy in exchange for the shoes. Actual ad snapshot above and the wording of it is detailed below…Wow. If you know what you’re doing in the sneakergame, then you know you have plenty of options, even if they may be a little more expensive options, to get whatever pair of limited sneakers you want. Read the ad below…

“Looking to trade my car, 96 chevy cavalier for a pair for galaxy foamposite size 10.5. Yes car for sneakers. Car will come with a full tank of gas also. Nothing fake about this deal. You give me your pair of galaxy foamposite size 10.5 and i give you my car, keys, clean signed tittle and ill even the bill of sale filled out already. And ill even drive to you. The pictures is the actual car. Picture was not photoshop or enhanced in anyway. It was taken with my cell phone also.

I use the car to drive me to work everyday since i bought it. Nothing wrong with it. I bought the car from the original owner in Oct of last year. He never smoke and i dont smoke so the car is a smoke free car. It has an alarm in it a 10 disc cd changer, anti lock brakes, power locks, air conditioner and interior is clean. call or text me xxx-xxx-xxxx”



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