Memorial Day Weekend 2013 is over

29 05 2013


Well, Memorial Day Weekend 2013 is over and Miami Beach residents can stop complaining about the influx of beach-goers and go back to normalcy. And it seems that the police-state type of tactics that the Miami Beach Police Department used the past few years has sent the message out as there were definitely less people on the beach for the festivities this year. It was much harder to get to the beach and thus, less locals on the beach as well.

Other than the hotel industry (which experienced a 70-80% occupancy rate) and the nightlife industry, things were hard for a lot of local beach businesses that decided to stay open. Tons of restaurants and businesses also experienced a loss of revenue and some even had NO customers for extended periods of time throughout the weekend. So with that said, many businesses are considering closing up shop next year to avoid losing money in operational costs to stay open during the holiday weekend.

This year’s totals for arrests between Thursday and today ended up at 414, while last year was at 373. However, most of them were minor offenses and actual calls to 911 were down significantly compared to last year.



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